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Plaxys is a global company with expertise and competitiveness in metals, minerals, and electronic scraps.

Since its establishment as Dabok Newer Metal in 2014, it has been processing metal scraps in compliance with environmental regulations, letting them reverted to the raw materials and supplying worldwide. As technology continues to evolve in semiconductors, automobiles, petrochemicals, aerospace, and other areas, demand for valuable metals is increasing. We are committed to maximizing customer profits by procuring raw materials or scraps of rare metals for users in these industries and by supplying our products to smelters and foundries.

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Plaxys, Inc. was formerly  Dabok Newer Metal, founded in 2014.

Dabok has grown into an outstanding company in the field of rare metal scraps in Korea and has changed its name to Plaxys to expand its scope around the world.
Now, we would like to raise our status in the global market under the name of Plaxys and play a role in the international trade for products from scraps generated in Korea.

$5 million in exports
incorporated under the name of Plaxys and the number of its customers increased to many countries
$1 million in exports
Pioneering overseas and starting scrap exports
Dabok Newer Metal founded


  • Plaxys, Inc.
  • Palbok-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, 54852, Korea
  • Tel. +82 63-211-8970Fax. +82 63-212-8970E-mail. info@plaxys.com